hey people I'm 16 and I'm already really but insured have my insurance card lost (before few months ago) my parents know it not I habs often enough lost it I can easily go there again and ask if I can get a new ?? or you have to be of legal age ??

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far as I know, you can just go and let you issue a new card. My health insurance has also written directly to me at my lost card proof of insurance, so that I could prove that I have health insurance, if time was what. This applies then so long until the new card is there.


mostly einAnruf enough with the health insurance. The card is then sent.

From 15 but the insurance company requires a photo. Most available on the website of the insurance company, how to send the photo checkout.



eigentlcih us a call at your health insurance (is even more important so that not one of your running around) the lock the old and send you by mail ne new

call to you will be sent to new, perhaps they want it schriftlich.dann go up there and apply for them

You must confess well ....

Why did the map as always with you ??? For emergencies, a copy is sufficient. And if you go to the doctor, it takes them.

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