labrador shepherd dog mix and a cat?

Hey guys and although I have a small cat so she's been 1 1/2 years old but it is small and I was asked if I can take a labrador shepherd dog mix ... So now the problem is that I do not like it at this mixture looks with the hunting operation and whether you can put together so.Einen dog with a cat I know clearly but that these dogs are very active which makes my cat make me Maybe someone can a little something to say to character and hunting drove Schonmal thanks in ahead

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I can tell you from my experience that my two German shepherd Fund cats disliked and even tried to bite through glass cat.

Although the female came first, but came from the farm and there they lived 15 months. I'm sure that she gets there, at least one small animal. Chicken, Kitten, whatever. In cats it has life always reacts extremely aggressive.

If you were asked, you can also ask: namely a trial period, a trial day.

A dog, which is older and new comes in a completely foreign environment, responding mostly restrained. So this is not necessarily representativ. If you try it, then do it. But say the delivery point and in no uncertain terms that you hang in doubt of your cat and dog needs it another home.

I've also tried to convey a Schäfermix. In a household with expensive pedigreed cats. Did not work.

Nothing against the Schäfi, that's a great race. But with older specimens it is always difficult when it comes to the habit from other species.

I have a small cat so she's been 1 1/2 years old but it is small and I was asked if I can take a labrador shepherd dog mix

Dogs and cats are natural enemies (no matter what race or another) and get along best when they grow up together from an early age. So there might be a lot of stress for you and also for the animals.

I would therefore advise you to take the dog! Or what would you do if the dog wants to eat your cat?

Depends on the dog on it.

My dog ​​is Labi-Mali mix. And has absolutely zero intrested to wild chase after.

My dog ​​is Labi-the Mali + different mix and it has a strengthening pronounced hunting instinct.

Where do you get the dog? Look at him, ask the owner how the hunting instinct is and whether he knows cats or has already made experiences.

When my dog ​​got my cats was 1 and 16 years old. When old, it worked great. In boys it took 3 months.

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