LAN cable split? Is the?

Hello, recently our router is now down and the wireless receiver leaves to be desired. Since the WLAN to be just for me and the other is to be independent, as that is down at 22 o'clock offline because it takes no more I want to connect a second router to my LAN cable! This is but can independently run from the PC, and vice versa! That's why I'm looking zzt. a splitter, which makes me a LAN port. 2 Should not be expensive and also require no electricity, then I might as well take a router! The two devices (PC and wireless router) running anyway not the same! Meanwhile, I have only tired to crawl always behind my PC case and place the cable!

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To be honest I did not really understand what you want, but I can say the following to you: For 100 Mbit / s only 4 wires are required, so that a LAN cable (which has always 8 cores), in fact, without a can split Switch to use.

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Take a WLAN access point and insert the LAN cable from the PC to it and go with another LAN cable on to the PC.
The router must run down yes, otherwise there is no Internet.

A router is basically independent of the PC. Otherwise, I have the impression that you verkomplizierst the whole strong. Buy easy DLAN. If only you know the password, it can share a none other. Ricardo

Take a switch - everything else is technological nonsense.

A Gigabit Switch costs just 16 €. 100Mbit Switch Twofer already thrown at 8 €.

PS: Because you want to connect a second router, you have therefore been a switch.

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