laptop gone, back up data?

Dear Comi, habs hingekriegt ne cup kqffe on the laptop to tilt, now dee is gone (already dried etc that goes with start again I let the small at first few hours are)

Suppose it does not do anything, I can the hard drive to back up in nem pc pure umbdie data simply? Are important data, a acer aspire s3 is heard the disk formatiereb must if one does to another system, but I do not want you

Irg wlche Tips? Many thanks in advance


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The hard drive, as answered here, in an external housing in and connect via USB to another computer.

It may happen, as in my last, that she logs on, but not be sichbar in the system. Then simply assign a drive letter manuel, because that is the problem that Windows has for some reason associated with a no drive letter of the disk, which like to happen if you connect a drive, which ran as a system disk before.

So enter in START into the search field and start compmgmt.msc displayed program and since then click Disk Management, and because your plate should be visible. Right-click it, and then you see already in the menu, where you can then assign the drive letter.

After that, they will be visible in the system and you hinkopieren elsewhere, you are important data. After then format and finish the plate.

And just in the future, in or near the computer not place any drinks ;-)


yes that usually works without problems. Unfortunately, it was not recommended to start before the liquid was completely dried the PC. Thus, the chance is very small that there still is a lot. Tobiano times if the hard drive in the "accident" has been damaged.

LG Tobi

Jap easily installed in another system or externally connect and then hope that it still starts. Just do not reformat else is all gone ...

You can remove the hard drive and install it in a 2.5-inch case, then you can connect it via USB to your computer and copy the data.

So you have no access to your PC or change anything.

If you no longer can fix the laptop, then you have an external hard drive.

There are also adapters (without housing), is useful if you often times need to connect hard drives.


If you formatierst disk, your data is gone!

So first back up the data.

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