Laptop newly aufnestzen (Win 7) (Norton, MS Office)

Hello. I want to restore my laptop to factory settings so that it works faster. So as if you buy a new laptop. Just two questions, since I in 2010 (Home and Student) as a full version (CD + product key I have) and even a whole year Internet Security Norton have MS Office:

  1. I have a free license for my Office 2010 program (there were 3, 2 are already gone). I've heard that you can take the CD Office 2010 Remove from the laptop and then over again can reinstall (on the same or another device) without a license is lost. Is that correct? So in my case: Currently: 1 free license. Would I now remove using the CD Office, I would again 2 free licenses. When I again draufspiele the program and type its code again 1 free license, right?
  2. I still have a whole year protection by Norton on my laptop. Should / can I uninstall the previously or how I do it, I still beibehalte rest of my year protection after Neuaufsetzen? So not that the subscription is now lost due to the restart and I am unprotected !?

Thanks for all the answers already.

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So Office 2010 you can in good conscience re-loaded without hurdles. Credits are only currently active installations. From a certain number of same installations activation works only over the phone. But that's no problem.

When Norton normally you have credentials and a user's account. If present, you can use them to install the product. If there is a paid version with key, the key is to re-enter and dips. When Norton was based on the telecom, we Liznez easily activated by entering the access to the customer center. You have also been reactivated be removed.

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