Laptop Ram memory increase!

Hey guys !

My laptop is soooo slow. I only have 2GB of RAM! My question is, how can I Ram memory (ie RAM) increase? Must the not exchange? I have now I thank 2x1 Ram in my laptop. I find keinn screws again belongs to my laptop!

My data:

Packard Bell EasyNote ENTF71BM

Intel Celeron Processor N2830 (up to 2:41 GHz) 15.6 HD Acer ComfyView LED LCD Intel HD Graphics 2GB DDR3 L Memory 500 GB HDD 802.11b / g / n + BT 3-Cell Li-Polymer battery

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Hi Mr. Adventure Increasing the RAM memory is possible in theory and practical if you had a PC. In a Leptop it is difficult if not possible to increase the RAM memory. In one pc you'd have to replace the bolts and insert new. My recommendation: buy yourself a new leptop or pc or let you consult in an electro specialist shop whether it would make sense (at your leptop) the ram memory exchange. Hope I could help you.

http: // ...

here. should fit. Take definitely two modules. So either 2x4GB, or if you just want to 4GB total for costs, then you take just 2x2GB ....


  • to your laptop heist it: "But be careful. The top is connected via several ribbon cable to the motherboard To replace the existing memory module with a larger model, then the motherboard would need to be strengthened." (Notebookcheck). If so go a little harder? I link it to you times in the comments, as I can not post links .. 2

My tip for amateurs:

Go etc with the notebook PC to a store of your choice, or Media-M and let replace him there. The laptop has 2 slots. So you have both sides exchange. 4 GB are completely OK.

Otherwise: http: // ...

It is you probably anything bring more Ram to buy because I doubt the 2GB in normal office use are scarce. The problem is the extremely slow processor. Now-a-days, every modern mobile a power stronger processor. Your clocks yes just 2.4 to maximum level and also has only 2 cores. That's just too slow. Unfortunately it is very difficult or impossible a laptop processor exchange because most of the sockets etc. no longer fits.

I recommend a new purchase or the replacement of the hard disk. If the laptop is already a few years in use and the HDD is full solangsam, an SSD can work wonders. The access times are simply extremely minimized. Even if the laptop no SATA 6Gb / s, the times are extremely minimized and the Windows Start is finished within 10 seconds. Also it is much the prices of SSDs are Inexpensive because currently extremely cheap. but Davor should already be seen whether the removal of the old hard drive is possible and how much space is available.

When ee is too slow, you should invest in processor NEN AND probably in more ram ..

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