Laptop screen resolution 1600x900 despite total rießig! What to do?

Hi I have a question: Have previously turned on my laptop and the screen is shown totally great. My brother uses the laptop in front of it, but knows nothing of a conversion ... :-) Natüüürlich The screen resolution is at 1600x900. Higher no more.

Especially on the internet (I use Chrome, but is also in Internet Explorer so) you can see the extreme. Normal because I have the zoom level 110% and now it is still much too large even at 90%. And by the zoom can also be only the font size Decrease the bookmarks bar, tab bar and everything else remains huge.

I have the feeling that the entire screen was somehow zooming in and I just do not know how I can return again. (Ctrl - / + does not) Hab Chrome ever uninstalled and reinstalled and I'm also a System Restore made 3 days ago, nothing has changed.

Can me because eventually someone help?

Thanks Greetings Selina

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Did you ever connect an external monitor?

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