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I have a dog since last year. But not yet registered. Now that I know the dogs here login in DE need they try to log on. Already have login formula expressed. I have gehollt on eBay Classifieds thus not know last holder. Is it bad ? and even if I state I have since this year lacking. So I need not register include fees from last year. Has given the tip a friend. Will be sure that I or we do not get worse later.

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@ csa30

You did buy the dog from any display on eBay Classifieds.

Did this owner no name and what papers, passports, etc., the dog? Then you've got the owner. If the dog has a registered chip?

Have you made any contract of sale where everything drinsteht? Or have you there rang, took the dog and goodbye?

Or had the dog not logged in. If you buy a dog, then pointing out that one must login to within a time limit.

Or you wanted to save the registration fees?

I have a dog since last year

and even if I state I have since this year lacking.

If you sign a four-legged same orderly, then you can also get any possible irritation.

if you bought the dog on ebay, you know where it comes from.

but during the registration is not important. It is important that you have to pay dog ​​tax. This is not much, and in this application you should be correct. Everything else is cheating.

You must have to know at which address you've picked up the dog and have to which doorbell button you pressed?

Or have you taken him somewhere on the roadside?

Clear I know what house number but it was not right. The wife called, we completed to the street shopping. In first glance I was already in love with my dog. And she wants to jedern case. So not intended

If you do not know the previous owner, you do not need to specify it!

Stay honest, otherwise it will be expensive (Steuerhnterziehung!)

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