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I would like to know an intellectual words like "ergo", "de facto" for various speeches. Also quotes for an appeal would be very useful, please, including translation!

Of course, it can also be words from other languages ​​which in German are just now currently such. B "mainstream" from English or possibly French words, which one writes usually in newspapers or the like. Respectively beautiful entrances / words / phrases from the German language would also really great to know!

Thanks in advance LG

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This could assist you because there always adding new ones currently used foreign words. Clicking foreign words of the year you get a lot, the other during the year are still empty, the list is probably still in its infancy, but seems to me very helpful for your purpose before.

In addition, there can also look up the meanings. If you write it when searching wrong, the program tries to suggest the correct spelling.

perhaps I could recommend, if you need the words not only in the short term that you often comments reads in the newspaper, which usually have a high quality and very refined wording you. But please only from reputable newspapers such as: FAZ, etc.

Ad hoc = Substance fit

particularistic interests = individual interests

polemically = aggressive

exculpate = relieve

Polemic = sharp, often personal attack without factual arguments [in a dispute] in the field of literature, art, religion, philosophy, politics o. Ä.

pathologically = morbidly

chauvinist = the belief in their own superiority, their own group

status quo = current state

larmoyant = whiny

animosity = hostility

I hope I could help as Fremdwörterfetischist, most of the words are taken from essays and quite rare and sometimes specifically.

carpe diem - Seize the day (or enjoy the day, or literally: Pluck the day)! ^^

QED (= was something to prove) Latin

Used in science. But go for the normal usage

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