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Hi I have a question for adc I now 3 pages have runes I would like a 4 do it again special for adc thus eg for Vayne rather late game and Cait in early what I want to know exactly which one is best for runes in Kalista to do to be good since the early and mid game to have been general runes 9x ad 9x 9x rüssi magic res. and 3 ad I esencen want it ungefair do so 9x ad 3 Tempo esencen 9x armor and glyphs I do not know yet :) few would iden really cool LG

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So pace runes, I find is bullshit, but on Kalista I would take possibly attack speed, to perform this jump faster.

Red AD, Yellow Armor, Blue MR and Purple Attack Speed

Formerly took Lifesteal in the essences, but Attack Speed ​​is for kiting as better.

Lila you can replace by Level by MR.

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