League of Legends problem: it does not start

Hi community, I have downloaded LOL. And then have the Launger (BIL1) tap the Start button and then came a blank black window, instead of the expected game (Fig.2). Hab LOL sometimes even uninstalled and once downloaded.

Can anyone help, I can start the game and play me? Thanks in advance.

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Hi, the problem I had already repeatedly. Mostly, however, before the launcher has been opened. For me this has often helped: - right click on the icon then LOL "Run as administrator" - uninstall LOL and first make sure that all Riot Games folder really gone. Then reinstall - Restart computer - right click on LOL "treating compatibility problems" - sometimes I had also unfortunately on a new patch wait

I hope this helps you my answer. With me so hats have often worked. LG Pongong :)

1) Unlock PC wait 1 minute, then again annmachen -> LoL start

if that does not work, then

Run 2) LoL as administrator

if that does not work, then

3) Support write ( https://support.leagueoflegends.com/home )

if you can not help, then

uninstall 4) and then reinstall LoL


5) wait for the next patch (does not mean that it'll necessarily work)

Hope could help you.

Run as Admin?

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