League of Legends Team logo designers wanted!

Good day dear Commiunity, I opened with a few friends a Ranked Team, which is named Worth of Blood. Now I'm looking for a good designer can create a Teamloho us happy. Who has interest can converse on Skype: lucaloef adden. I look forward to designers who are ready to make us a logo. Sincerely: - Luca

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Unfortunately I do not have skype but I would suggest you / design you a logo !! Even in later than 1 week.

But you know that is n heap job when you Copies not everything? And work will be paid. So I think you will not easily find someone to do it for free and it looks good. Half of the community do not even know what Lol (League of Legends (Online Game)) is. So you'll either find someone the money will have it or someone you something so "ugly" makes that you will not take it voluntarily ... Still a lot of success yet. Ps: What Elo?

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