Learning behavior when dog- How, where, praise u. Punishment etc.

Hi, I have a few questions about learning behavior in dogs: How to learn dog? Where by they learn? As it is with praise and punishment? As is best motivated? Would be great if you could I answer the questions. :) I'm also thankful for books and links. LG

The best answer

My dogs were eog not only positively educated, because even a No or deny a thing, what the dog wants is negativ.Meine dogs but nonviolently educated.

Motivation varies from dog to dog, some love lining, other toys and other love to be petted. My be praised and raised by all three.

Dogs learn through shortcuts, it can learn a trade for him pleasant or unpleasant. The etnsprechend the dog will act.

My dog ​​has negatively linked leidee cows quite stupid ... she came a few years ago to a current fence and got a shot ... By Moment lowed a Kuh..sie has linked the mooing with the electric fence, and since they eyed cows critical.

My dog ​​has also learned when she brings things she is praised. Since it collects when it is hungry everything possible and brings a then everything .... which is great when she opens the Sockenschuplade and the whole socks brings.

One can clearly see the difference between a dog that was as far as possible positive educated who was brought up only by punishing a dog. you Soehz unfortunately very often with us aif the Shepherds Square, many are still there from the old school and the dog will only punish educated ..


the learning behavior of dogs is different from other not so great (Suckle) animals. Hune can learn both praise and punishment over. A dog of a genuscht gets from a cat, it will think twice next time, if he has a fantastic for them. A dog gets a treat for a certain behavior will exhibit this behavior more frequently. That's gaaaaaanz simplistic ;-). Skinner and Pavlov have since very interesting experiments to made with interesting Thoerien! Work your way there just a little bit by www. Much is also Slebsterklärend. This is a Hud on punishment rather less motivated to try new things and think with self should be clear and the egg dog via penalty will hardly cooperate happily.

buy you "puppy" of the Book of clraissa Reinhardt (animal leran publisher) or schue her iher videos ...

a dog can learn through positive reinforcement and does not punish!

Dogs learn by trial and error, conditioning (classical and operant) and the model.

If you are the typing in bold terms indicated as "learning through" on Google and complemented by "dog", you'll find tons of material.

The reasonable display would be completely beyond the scope here.

The best you present yourself in a dog forum, including polar chat, there you can find like-minded jeerzeit writing about all these issues a lot and like to discuss.

Literature there is also a huge amount. I can always and wholeheartedly recommend is "Dogs are different" by Jean Donaldson and "Amplifier understand" and "I see your dog" by Viviane Theby.

Most of the literature on clicker also has very good sections on learning theory. And if you read English well may I recommend you that page Karen pryor: http://www.clickertraining.com/library?source=kpctnavbar

Hello Arak1,

You can, if it is a puppy, already go to puppy school. Since he is already learning the simplest Komandos like walking, sitting and space.

Then he has to escape eder here or come to hear, so he comes to his master or mistress to the Komando.

Important for a puppy course is also that the dogs play together and learn social behavior ,.

Fun the dogs also eg Agillity.

MfG Angelika

The first question: Dogs learn with feelings of success at best and with clear instructions (I hope the question was meant: D)

Dogs can be super motivated with treats Or do you when playing or other?

Otherwise I can only recommend Martin Rütter :)

I hope I could a little help :)

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