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My son is almost 15 years old and spends a day a lot of time when dragons. He plays mostly online war game and can not keep time. (2hrs.) When I conclude it from and to the computer room, it just goes on mobile phone with chat or monogamous, or he spends time on tablet or while sleeping. Of course, he read important information on these devices, he can order to learn for the school hardly attract more. For examinations he prepares insufficient. Colleagues he meets usually only online at dragons. In summer he starts his teaching. How can I bring him back to raise more use for school and other activities? Or is it just normal in this day and age? With my husband, we are already a long time no longer agree spends what and how much time the son with his equipment.

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If you yourself already saying that he is addicted, he actually belongs in a therapy. If your prohibits strictly, which leads to nothing. You should check with the pediatrician even talk about it and ask him how you proceed best. You could arrange times to which he may on the computer and collect the phone ... but if your order meets the purpose, I doubt. Your son must determine for themselves that he exaggerates it to the consumer. That's why I think a therapy for gambling addiction for the most sense.

2 hours are not too much in this age :-)

But they tell him what's coming, it can not go on and tell him not loud, screaming but quietly they can not be a on a dispute they say it also her son that they want to have no quarrel tell it what they would like. This can be difficult but perhaps it will help them! Otherwise I wish you a nice day :-)

Prevent them that. Your son will soon begin his teaching as then heck go farther? I am her son in the same age group and I know how compelling it may be. Prevent any gaming within the week and leave it to him for the weekend look dial. Are you in possession of a FritzBox router there are numerous settings in the surfing behavior during the week limit. Omission but please sayings as "long as you live in my house are you doing what I say" this will only worsen the living together. Go but to an on achievements of her son. If at school a significant improvement badge, you should give it back more freedom. MfG DonRobo

The two hours I do not consider too much. But I would then completely block access through the router and talk at length with him about education, occupation and future.

Well, 2 hours have really not much at that age! ... You can him so times a skate / Long / Penny Board buy, then he goes vllt. get out! How do you bring get to him? Well hardly. Speech him just a ...

which is certainly not normal. but should remember even what he has it. best simple games console away and sportverein enroll in a

It almost sounds as if it is a bit too late for that.

Simply make pressure and withdraw the device. They are the Cheff in the house, not him! You need to establish themselves or it gets worse.

When he begins his teaching anyway, thus already has an apprenticeship, then what is the problem?

There is the possibility a big difference whether he just stupid front of the PC, so just playing games and pointless chat messages full of spelling errors exchanges with other, or he - in whatever direction - there maybe further develops, participates in forum discussions etc.

All devices on the router and lock out the mouse.

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