Learning to pass?

Hello :), I have there times ne question ... So, how can I learn to pass me ??? It's not about bulimia and such things ... But, my bio teacher said today that there are many poisonous things in our area, and which is eaten when you accidentally something you should pass right away ... And that is why " important "is any vomit" can ", for emergencies. But ... I can not ..: /, I am the first (think) and last time handed over 5 years ... I often have the feeling of having to give Me würgereitz, but I can not. I then tried a few the Finder to get stuck in the throat, but I do not übergeb me anyway .... How can I be sick? Is it normal that I never commit myself? What can I do? It makes me a little afraid that I do not that can ....: / Thanks for any helpful answer! <3

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Hello ChiaraV99 - the most famous in the history of followers of this art was the upper class of the Roman Empire: In order to more cram in, they put up goose feathers in the neck (not the keel, but the spring end) what the nausea triggers.

But this is not recommended, it ends with mentally unstable people now mostly in bulimia nervosa.

If you really poisonous swallowed, sometimes helps milk drink, or to pump out the stomach let (hospital emergency room)

There are actually a few people who do not have a gag reflex.

drink salt water

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