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Huhu people, have found an apartment and signed rental agreement, there are dogs allowed but would like one, have ever heard the dogs up to 10KG may not be prohibited, because the or similar to small animals would include ... small animals incl. Cats are allowed.

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have ever heard the dogs up to 10KG may not be prohibited, because the or similar to small animals would include

False belongs. Dog is dog, even one of the Smaller than as a cat's. The way do not count as small animals according to BGH.

As you start your tenancy so good ... Even if you could enforce it: Want all the time have stress?

If there is dogs are not allowed what's up there still ask?

Dog is dog. So prohibited.

Dogs are not small animals. Very great sources you have there

You sign a lease, where is that dog ownership is prohibited and ask here if you still can buy a dog you? This must not be understood.

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