Leather dog leash Grease how?

Hi, Had to wash my leather leash, after drying it was unfortunately totally dry and unyielding-before she was supple and soft. Ve Heard that must be greased leather. How do I do that best now that it becomes soft again? Thanks for your tips-am unfortunately real haphazard :(

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Dubbin there by Hunter, Delos, ....

Just looking for "leather fat hundeleine" Search. The lines then remain comfortably in the hand and are more resistant to water and dirt.

Grease Definitely, it is soft and supple. I use leather grease Tapir, it works quite well. Take a cotton cloth and wearing the fat quite thin on the line on which you do every few months and have really long something genuine from your leather leash, provided it is leather: =)

You can take such a grease for leather hiking boots, Gibt's the cobbler or in an outdoor shop. Or just pure Melkfett (at BayWa or drugstore).

There are special leather grease.

Either in the drugstore or Reitgreschäften (saddle care etc.)

Get yourself in a anglers and hunters Shop "Ballistol" so that you can back the leather soften.

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