leave dog & regret it very very!

I from my friend a brown labrador puppies sell on 17/02 what I've always wanted but unfortunately we have given the from private reasons. Please Saves you comments that I am to blame, or is going there to jetztigen possessive bad and everything about it I am aware the only thing I want to see if it is possible have to demand the return knowing made her a written contract and have also tried to talk to her but unfortunately without success. But Will it necessarily zurückk !!!!

The best answer

before trying seriously to get the dog back, you will probably want you lot can go through the head nich: if you repeat this dog back, it should always be for! you are to be dog justice to the situation, for the next 13 to 16 years? what's working hours with the dog while your school- /? on holiday? you're about it, catch your house to realize that you you a living creature, that every day more and that 365 days a year is a animal totally dependent on you? even if you have the dog schwerfaellt- you leave after less than four weeks. what if this one you specify "personal motives behind the" re-enter?

otherwise you can only hope for the "benevolence" of the new, owner, legally there for return mmn at all no basis

animals are not toys and should therefore not without knowing the "gifted" to buy !!

I do not think you get the dog back and let's be honest, do you think the back and forth is good for the animal?

but unfortunately we have given the from private reasons.


well then the dog ownership was probably not possible .. and he has wonaders certainly better ...

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