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if I Led lights of devices Remove the Transmitter then still ????

The best answer

Ähmmm 80 € a year for LED ???

Here is a miscalculation:

In 28 ct / kWh You'd once 285.714 kW in use only for the LED to come at the cost of 80 €. That makes for 24-hour operation 782,24 W day.

A conventional red-5mm LED has a current of about 20 mA and is incl. Internal series resistor devices often connected to 5 volts. So that makes an output of 5 V x 0.02 A = 0.1 Wh. And that results in a consumption of 876.6 Wh = 24.54 ct / year at 28 cents / kWh.

Or put another way: To get to 80 € a year, you'd have to oa circuit 326 LED uninterrupted illuminate an entire year.

And yet another way: If an hourly rate of € 10 should your device tampering max. take 1.47 minutes, so you can save from the second year.

It depends on the device. In the normal case, an LED is connected not in series but in parallel to the corresponding components, the activity of which it is to display. This means that the circuit is not interrupted by the removal of the LED.

But there are more elegant ways to come serve up LEDs: http: //www.conrad.de/ce/de/Search.html search = leds & filterCategoryPathROOT% 2F ...?

Here you find LEDs in many colors, shapes and sizes. Something should be doing for you;)

If the purpose of the device is to make light, then no more.

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