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Our neighbors are extended from their house but they have consciously! Your cat left behind sometimes she comes to me and I give her cat food because we sometimes had a cat should I do anything?

The best answer

Bring the cat to the vet, he can read the chip and there would also need to have a phone number stored on your neighbors. Upon occasion, you can leave the animal even at the vet and there will then be properly taken care of the cat.

You just do not do that! -poor cat

You should the neighbors for the suspension of a pet show. That is a criminal offense and that does not make one. Such people need a lesson.

You should also the cat at the shelter / lost property office as exposed / running up / Report Fund animals. Us, you can then keep in feed until the owner contact, or the removal. The owner has 6 months to report. Then the cat is in your possession or in the possession of the shelter.

Bring them to the SPCA, which can take care of the cat, while ensuring that your neighbor gets a fair punishment!

either you you behällst the cat or bring them necessary inn a shelter. and about your neighbors, I do not want ausk dear ..... n

If they are in good condition, and you had a lot of time for them, you want to put them to take, but then I'd nich go see a doctor anyway, just to be safe

The poor cat! please let them not just on the street. Vet / Animal Shelter / Animal Welfare, there will certainly cared about them ..

That's terrible who does something? I think it's great you their food and so bring.

Can not you take the cat? If not, bring to the shelter, then it has a chance to get a new home. But it would be nice if you could take them. Or seeking someone who drew them up.

Yes, call the ASPCA !!!

Yes of course you have to do something! Animal welfare or you take them on himself. What do for ugly people something -.-

best, you they behälst itself because a cat safely bad

can get used to. I have ne, who is cat lover,

there leave behind all their cats, and feeds them now 8 animals.

But it stops there, that would be otherwise too much.

Do not look away, please let them not just on the street. You can call an SPCA, they bring in a shelter, proposed at a veterinarian or keep yourself. Such people should never be allowed to have pets animals are also living beings, the poor cat I'm really sorry, disgusting people!

Greeting, Soeber

Oha! What perverse pig! Either there is someone to take care or call nicht..Tierschutzverein.

Take them on, please.

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