Legal limits the "Let's Play"?

Hey, have me there lately times briefly made thoughts about it .. Can you just like that in the store to go buy a game and then sit at home and play the game the YouTube community without having the legal consequences?

Many thanks in advance!

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Heyyy, so it is definitely a matter of what game you want ... lets Playen Inform yourself easily .... Which game do you want to present to the YouTube community ??

One custom so always seen to be able to show the rights for the game to make it, but manufacturers do nothing against because it's almost free advertising. Unlike when one makes money because one should always get the rights in which one anschreibt the manufacturer and ask for the rights. If you have a schriftiliche certificate, one must then show everything from the game what you want.

In fact, you have the manufacturer of each game you Lets Playen want to ask permission Shoo.

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