Leisure wanted Reiter Sayings

I am recreational rider and ride in any weather in the area, you have a few sayings that fit defy to recreational riders all weather?

The best answer

-When Riding a horse we borrow Freedom ....

  • Horses give us the wings we do not have ...
  • a galloping horse is like when you play catch with the wind
  • Some people say there's no heaven on Earth ... surely theyhave never been on a horse ...
  • two feet move our body, four feet move our Soul

-God Made The horse from the breath of the wind, the beauty of the earth, And the Soul of an Angel

-Horses Can not talk, But They can speak If you listen .....

  • the Wind from Heaven is did one Which blows between the ears of an horse

-Don't Run away from your problem ... gallop ....

  • While you seatpost your family tree and the papers, I ride ever go!
  • Oh, I did not know that you professional respect my horse and my Riding are! Please continue driving I take notes!
  • .....

Just look on the Internet, there are many sayings! :)


  • No hour of life is wasted did is spent in the saddle.

(Winston Churchill)


See some games after here.

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