Lenovo t410 does not recognize battery

Before a week my laptop suddenly stopped going. hung on the power supply and it worked. But whenever I have hung it, it is assumed. Have a new orginale battarie purchased and the same problem. Then have the new battery put in another t410 and because it works. What can I do ?

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  • I think that the internal battery management (BMS) has a defect and no longer detects a battery.
  • Have you ever tried to see if your old battery in another t410 possibly still works? then Had a feedback that the BMS has a defect in your laptop.

Can now decide whether you give the laptop for repair or are running with AC adapter?

Come holding also depends on whether you need it mobile?

LG Bernd

should go once to a technology professional, although could cost a little, but is still better than always walking around with this stupid cable.

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