Lenovo V570 - Samsung SSD 850 evo not recognized

Hi D

I have a Lenovo V570 and ssd me today a Samsung 850 evo purchased as this example here http: ... //www.ipc-computer.de/notebook-ersatzteile/lenovo/ideapad-v-serie/v570-seri related is shown.

Now I have a problem, however, because the hard drive is not recognized or not is time.

If I aufschraube my laptop and the new insets is in Bios nothing beside the Begiff ssd while the Windows installation also appears nothing.

When I plug the drive into a station and connect with eSata cable with my laptop viewed from my computer (the included software also detects, as I can remove the "Safely Remove" by and my Intell Rapid storage also shows a registration of a new to disk, still stands in the "computer" no additional hard drive.

Is there anything I can do except the hard drive send back and demand my money back?

Would be very grateful for any help as I run the board to get Thank you: D

The best answer

Hello anubarak, Could you check again whether the data and power cables are properly connected? Perhaps this tip with chip might help you also - http://praxistipps.chip.de/ssd-festplatte-wird-nicht-erkannt-was-tun \ _17249MfG, Titania_WD

Samsung SSDs have to be initialized .... eg in Windows management, drives, ... create a partition and possibly format it can also be a drive letter to be defined under the SSD will appear in Explorer.

Lad you simply ma driver down

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