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I have a Lenovo T540p.

This was gemahct completely flat yesterday due to a virus and create a new Windows partition.

However, it is missing any drivers. Now I wanted to download the drivers from the Lenovo website, but after the installation is still no drivers were available.

Now I wanted to try the installation CDs that came with the notebook.

I have now inserted CD 1, but do not know now how I should proceed.

Earlier always came during startup under the Lenovo logo a font Press Enter to interrupt startup or so.

This seems no longer and I have no idea how my Windows 8 now get fully resist to run with all original drivers etc..

I hope I can jmd wants to help take advantage finally everything is normal.

The best answer

by creating the new partition you vermutlicht the hidden partition on the destroyed the image of your lay operating system. Maybe you have luck and download drivers the ind in a folder on the enclosed CD, otherwise you have to individually lenovo or you are using slim drivers. which is free and takes most drivers. http://www.chip.de/downloads/SlimDrivers_44659095.html

Find yourself someone better with computers knows than you. It seems to me as if it is a bumpy ride for you, if you try it yourself.

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