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Hi I have a 19 week old male Leonberger It is currently very difficult with him ... he only makes nonsense Is it normal for such a puppy? He bites constantly and makes a lot of broken. :( What can I do about it I tell you in advance "thank you" in advance

LG Angelina

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Oh man, no idea of ​​dogs, puppies and education ... what is that to be when he gets bigger. Why buy when you have no idea such a big dog .... there is not in the shelters enough dogs that are already trained and happy would a get nice and loving home, perhaps it would be for a "beginner" better been to get as a dog. Surely everyone starts for the first time with a dog, but since you should quite accurately informed about everything long before a purchase, go for a walk with different shelter dogs, do not just go with the love doggies da obediently on a leash and other dogs or cyclists ignore. No, even with some difficult cases, one should employ to see how to get in certain situations cope. So and now you have such a small cute Wollknäul will always attract his attention to itself .... nice if a people to address it ..... and what is to become of the dear little guy still in the course of time will make a lot more nonsense, hassle, problems and much work ??? What can you do .... Give the poor guy immediately Breeder back, there's helped the dog much more

Do you visit a dog school? If not, would you do that. Otherwise it may be that he missed important educational steps, as you currently do not know what you can do about it.

Of course it is normal that puppies to behave, but one should slowly lead ran to a calmer behavior.

With such a puppy you can do so much wrong by false education, so you can also not be a truly correct answer via remote diagnosis. It is always important to see the animals live and then apply the appropriate for the animal rearing. Of course, non-violent and positive reinforcement.

Please look around for a good and nonviolent above all dog school in your area. You'll certainly they often need =).

If it is not dear to a man, biting, spray it with some water. And if he does break things when no one is at home, bring him a large box where he goes in as long as you are away, or leash.

he only makes nonsense Is it normal for such a puppy?

it is normal when little kids fool around?

Your dog is like a toddler / baby and therefore also very playful at this age about. Buy yourself books on puppy, it is all very well described. Had you really should read before purchase, then you would be better informed and prepared.

raise a puppy requires a lot of understanding, patience and calm!

When read through the answers given here I have guessed that you ought to sit down times quickly with the breeder of your Leonberger in connection ...

Respectable breeders conduct namely the purchasers of their puppies reasonable to how they deal with the new family member ...

And you know hopefully that Leonberger also belong to the "late developers" ???

And if you already had a Newfoundland dog, then you know what can so be broken ...

And now keep working because a reasonable relationship of trust with your dog build ... (and read times one or the other book to the theme)

It's a puppy, that's normal.

Did not previously informed you what it means a puppy in the house to haben`?

Please search get you a puppy hour, so that you can learn with your dog cope

The puppy is going through his awkward age. That is normal. You have to be careful that you do not belohnst his wrongdoing through special attention, that would be the wrong signal for his education. Reward him with affection and treats when he behaves properly. With age, it is quiet.

You've never had before a dog or?

This is perfectly normal for a puppy, waiting times, until it comes into teen age :-)

Hahaha: D that's a puppy :) my Great Dane that time also made much broken, bitten Autogurtr, handles or similar destroyed !! Completely normal: D you have to protect yourself against it, ie: attach loose objects or well (for now) Remove !! Have fun and good luck! Greetings Jonas :)

Hi Angelina, puppies are still like babies make wa they want You have been very patient with you have

Again such a poor dog.

Yes, it is normal. It is also normal that he pees you in the booth if you're not careful. It is normal that it dismantles what it comes with everything. It is normal that he makes nonsense.

It is not normal that one At length a dog, and has no idea how to deal with it.

this is a puppy. clearly he makes mischief. there is also puppy training, so maybe you should go to a time

Wait until he grows up!

https:? q = //www.google.de/search leonberger + dog + puppies & biw = 1536 & bih = 866 & a ...

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