let thyme sprigs and bay leaves in pickle?

Hello. I get this Sunday visit and have now inserted a lunchtime roast beef. The stain is made of Pinot Noir, carrots, leeks, onions, celery, garlic, a little balsamic vinegar, thyme and bay leaves. Sunday morning or early tomorrow night I want to cook the roast. If the thyme sprigs and bay leaves remain in the completion of the court in the pickle? If so, how it looks when the sauce is then mashed when the roast is ready? Can I bay leaves us the thyme with puree or should they prefer to be fished out?

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So I would the herbs the last 10 minutes again only to do with it, they taste good. Since the essential oils quickly evaporate and then the kitchen but thyme smells in the sauce ... nothing is going before rausnehmen If you absolutely puree the sauce. And let important boil the red wine at deglaze well otherwise does not taste the sauce! Meat vegetables and tomato paste well then fry deglaze ..

fish out, ie the thyme you will hardly find only the stems

Love Kathygs38, the thyme sprigs and bay leaves you should definitely pick out before pureeing !!!!!!! They arise otherwise inedible small parts that are otherwise constantly must fish from the mouth!

Before, they must of course be to stay all the time in the stain, so that they release their aroma. Since the flavor then anyway in the flesh, you can then throw it away safely :-)


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