lg l bello notification led

has the lg l bello a notification led

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  • How to set the notification Led at S4 mini? 2012-05-19

    Where do you find this setting? Thanks in advance. -mix2000 --answer-- I do not know that the S4 has a mini notification Led? Are you an app on the phone that simulates such a thing? Then try using to find out which app is deleted and 'this easy. Hel

  • Can you adjust the color of the Notification LED in Samsung Galaxy S4? 2013-08-11

    With Whatsapp one can adjust the color of the Notification LED. Is this also for SMS, Facebook, Instagram, etc.? If yes how? --answer-- No, you can enable or disable for certain things the LED.

  • Nokia Lumia 730 DS notification LED 2014-05-25

    Hi, I wanted to know if it at the Nokia Lumia 730 DS is a notification LED. Although the Internet is that there is no, but with me a LED had briefly flashed up. Case: I have a charger cable that is very bad loads, my phone had 4% battery and I have o

  • First mobile phone with notification LED? 2014-08-05

    Which smartphone was the first einr Notification LED? --answer-- Samsung Galaxy s4 (I grad in hand)

  • Samsung Galaxy s4 off Notification LED 2014-09-08

    Can you turn off the Notification LED in s4? --answer-- at KitKat 4.x: Settings / LED display

  • Notification LED does not work with my Samsung Galaxy S4? 2013-12-19

    I have an S4 for over 2 months. Previously I had a S3. I have my phone always silently, but does not work on my S4, the LED notification. When I put it on vibration, then it goes though. When my friend who also has a S4, the LED notification but also

  • Galaxy S5 Whatsapp notification LED does not work? 2015-02-02

    Hello I apologize in advance that I put commas can because my comma key is broken. ^^ To my question: I have a Galaxy S5 and am completely satisfied. The problem is that I very often use Whatsapp and my Galaxy S5 shows me no LED notification. (The LE

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 notification LED does not work with Whatsapp ?! 2014-01-02

    Hey, have a Galaxy S5 with Android 5.0.0 (lollipop). If I get a message in Whatsapp, my LED should actually blink. But that it does not. In the settings of Whatsapp and by phone but everything is set correctly. The LED is definitely not broken. Progr

  • Whatsypp Messenger Notification LED color does not change 2014-11-11

    Hey guys :) I have a Samsung galaxy s 4 and I wanted to change the color in whatsapp for notification but iwie will not do. I also the whole last week looked on the internet but nothing useful found Thanks in advance :) --answer-- What do you mean th



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