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I have two questions today. I soon undergo before my license. Since I have no depth perception and even a visual acuity of 70% (limit) has said that I can not make the "normal" eye test but a larger, looking after a Restricted field of eye doctor. Question 1: Has anyone done something like times and know what you have to do there? Question 2: I always think a visual acuity of 70% with glasses is far too little and I'm afraid that the worse. How much vision you have 70% really little or see a lot less than 70% I am 21 years old ?. LG Crazzygirl

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you have to let create an eye doctor's opinion, the normal eye test at the optician is not enough.

all that is important to you is the link

So I have a very "normal" eye test at the optician made, I have not even done it without glasses, only with. You can make the at each x-any optician, even if you have a visual defect, regardless of what your eye doctor says.

Expressiveness - Well. According to another report (by an ophthalmologist) I have no glasses 60 and 90%, with glasses almost 100%.

Stereoscopic vision was diagnosed with from an early age as missing. This has changed two to three years gradually. For the police, it was enough. For the license anyway. Dont worry so much. The refractive error must be corrected as soon as possible just only and permanently.

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