License reapplication after 1 year

Hello my friends,

I signed up last year to make the end of January to the driver's license and the matter was far drawn out for various reasons.

But I have everything yet can conduct in the way shortly that both I could take quite quick succession the theory and practice exam. Unfortunately, I have not passed the practice in January. A year has passed and my driving instructor said I have to specify the fees after a successful reapplication the Road Executive Agency again transfer (of course). However, he wants me the same thing with him doing so registration fees of about 300, - for his driving school I will also be charged. (The driving school enjoys with regard to money a bad reputation, but it is in our area the only) Meanwhile, I have more than 2300, - € invested, where there are people who claim to have invested more (same driving school).

If this is not necessary, how can i proceed to hire or what arguments I put forward.

Thanks in advance.

The best answer

There is the § 18 para. 2 FeV. This states that the entire exam will lose its validity if between the theoretical examination and the issuance of the driving license two years have been exceeded. In addition, the technical test returns the audit engagement, licensing departments, if the skill test is failed within 12 months of passing the theoretical examination.

After return of the inspection order pending the application is automatically invalidated. The administrative authorities shall require the license applicants to declare within one month, whether the application is still maintained. At the same time, the Authority announced that it will reject the application form and fee, if after re-inspection order the passed exam is not as soon as possible evidence. If the old application continues to fall back on costs.

However, if the application formally rejected, leading to refusal to § 28 para. 3 sentence 1 no. 5 StVG (inadequacy) and an entry in the driving ability Register with a repayment period of up to 15 years.

If for personal reasons can not be complied with the time limits, so you should definitely consider to pull the license application back. The only way to escape the entry in driving ability Register.

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