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Hello, again a request to the screwdriver guild and automotive ler. I've got the following idea and know even what you think of it. So just imagine that the vehicle is to be screwed below, whether there or anywhere you need light. Now these flashlights are quite good, but mostly hang in the way or hide. You really need a third hand. My idea now is to provide a box with a good source of light, (like a lighthouse) equipped with a receiver on the ground. So far so good, then you have a ring or cuff on the arm / hand, since the transmitter is inside. What happens now? The light beam follows the stations where this is or this lighting illuminates exactly the point from which you also want to edit. Good or What? Thanks for the answers

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As an alternative to the fluorescent tubes are now e Hand lamps with LED hey are very bright and adequate illuminations allow .. Go are befestiegen hangers and Mangnet available .. so to get eigendlich well clear. this coalminer lights are behuindern annoying but provide better illumination as the sender described by you or leuchtkörpr to the mechanic must greiffen häuffig to where space is tight and there hinders light on the wrist or arm considerably.

A modern assembly pit should now illuminated with LED technology be the glare in the pit firmly mounted / installed is .. Sufficient number of light ensures the avoidance of shadowing .. Jochim

That will not help much, either one has backlit or you have to contort themselves permanently in order not to become self-shadow.

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