LightZone or Adobe Lightroom? Which program is better?

To better edit my RAW photos, I've been thinking that I'm going to buy myself Adobe Lightroom. Then I am now on the free program (Open Source) Light pushed zone. I have the trial version of Lightroom and Light Tool downloaded zone. In Lightroom I initially had problems and did not so well with it. With LightZone Although everything is in English (but that I have no problems), the changes appear there immediately what me at Lightroom missed hatte.Ok, one thing I know now in Lightroom can be for different cameras Lens Corrections subpoena, which with Lightroom only older cameras (Nikon D5100 was the last update if I'm not mistaken) and via a separate download is available. Can you tell me which of the two programs better, and what the advantages and disadvantages of the programs to?

The best answer

On my RAWs I let only DxO Optics Pro Elite 10 which it is the best you can get if you're willing score 200 € outputting the one pictures obtained in an extremely high quality that one would never have achieved with Lightroom. The slogan is really true:

Next they the limits of their camera

If you already have PS, then it should have done, in fact. Once you are working with RAW files, it all depends on the import functions of the software. Sigma as not cooperating with Adobe and does not filter it. Nervt total this policy! Since open source is often better.

Although I would always prefer Lightroom for photo editing. In addition, because the presets are great. Had recently out my favorites created ( http: // -... ) - but at PS there is also cool presets.

There is no answer that is universally valid. There are many programs that you can develop RAW files to images. They all have their strengths and weaknesses.

LightZone has a few features that I really like:

  • Open source
  • runs Linux
  • has some great effects, which has already saved me some pictures and made other only to stunning photographs
  • software ergonomics, I like good
  • you can finely tune (all effects are offset against various Ebenmodi - and adjustable in the effect of 0-100%, cool).
  • THE ZONENESYSTEM (super obercool)
  • you can also take in the upgrading of JPG images LightZone with all effects.

By contrast, Lightroom is multitalented, a Swiss Army knife for almost all tasks of image editing, just good. But: - it does not run on Linux (natively) - it is not open source software - I like the color conversion is not as good as with LightZone - Lightroom is a Worflowsoftware with RAW Converter, my workflow is not the same as Lightroom, I prefer a file system for storage and no database

And except LightZone and Lightroom, there is still a lot more software as it is test, test and maintain the software that a well like (I used 3 different RAW converter in use)

VG Max

Ok, has done himself. Had completely forgotten that I had already installed the free module "Camera RAW" in Photoshop. This is, so to speak Lightroom integrated into HP.

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