like my natural waves remain for long periods?

Hi :)
So .. I wash my hair, dry them a bit with the towel or shirt, and then I'll do so purely mousse. then I lure or light waves .. :) but no later than when they only very slightly damp (: D), they are smooth .. my hair structure is wavy. can anyone tell me what I can do, that my hair even if they are dry or have waves ?? Thanks in advance, it is soo annoying ^^

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Unfortunately, there's nothing totally easy. So I took over the head blow quite well (with NEM wide tower of this is because) there are a lot of volume otherwise night plait (eh better then they are not disheveled so) or if it should be really Doll curlers at night or simply zewa reindrehen

Sparkling clean and the blow as "knead" (possibly diffuser attachment) then hairspray on it. Or are you doing you gimp pigtails or fischgrätzopfe over night because you get really nice "beach-waves". In normal braided pigtails that is results-more like a crepe iron.

plat Handtuchtrockennen hair and thus sleep Another day

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