Linocut which ink?

Tach, I would like to make linocuts and then Print. Now there is this special color for it. Is this really necessary or can I use ordinary acrylic paint? Of this I have a ton of home.

Is that possible or do I even buy that color?

The best answer

If according to this statement here go well with acrylics:\_data/np\_aus\_KT54.pdf.pdf

USED ​​colors Classic Linoprint (Japan Aqua) are water soluble and liquid. With commercially available acrylics, as they are also used for acrylic painting, you can also quickly and easily print linocuts ........ Water-soluble acrylic paints have over Linoprint the advantage that they are odorless, dry faster and finish in a large variety of shades offered mixed.

The Block Printing Ink has special properties:

She does not dry too quickly and can be washed off the plate again.

See 2nd page in:

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