Litter for small dog?

Is it ok if my little dog 'his business' does in a litter, when I'm gone long?

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when my little dog 'his business' does in a litter, when I'm gone long?

No, dogs are not cats, a dog must learn from an early age to make out. Something costs a lot of time and effort.

You can only very poorly wean back to the apartment to make a dog. In addition, something would be inappropriate for the species because their habitat dogs do not want to get dirty. If you do not have time for a dog, you created only no to!

I personally do not think that's ok. And it is not for me to question the WO your dog does his business. The point is that the daily discharge is VERY important for a dog and if you say he would do in a litter box, it means that no one would have time to go for a walk with the dog. And this is animal cruelty! If you have to anschafft a dog you have to worry about when you get away, on holidays or just once "only" from morning until abendsund must be clear that is always made ddafür that the dog gets run and care! Because you just have to do without time or looking for someone to take care of the animal and give the EMERGENCY the dog over time in a guest house and then repeat it ....

#### When I'm gone long? #### Then I create only no animal on. In addition, there is litter. A dog should learn his business to do there, everything else is not appropriate to the species.

Hi, if you have no time for his dog, one should be so fond of animals and also view and search for the dog the best possible solution, which can only be a dog sitter or delivering to people who love the dogs and also the time have to to look after the poor animal.

But permanently let alone send your dog to the toilet and no one goes with him for a walk bordered in my eyes really to animal cruelty!

Dogs usually do not in their territories. They also accept no fixed place as a "toilet". If you teach the dog that he must make in the apartment, he will do that everywhere, all the way to mood - even on your bed.

Do you mean with small puppy or small breed? Frankly a dog should never be alone as long as that arrives this fall.

A dog is not a cat and has no place on a litter. If he long has to stay alone, you should buy a dog.

Yes ... but it should not become a habit for him. LG

No it's not okay. The thing is not for nothing litter ...

You can not leave a dog alone for so long, it must.

that's more than OK

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