Living in the new area only people who have money?

Hello Why not live so many people in a development area? Want who do not or have there is no money for? Thank you Mfg

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with the money that has nothing to do because there are expensive and affordable new construction areas. with us the city especially for families with children reported growing areas and then provide favorable conditions commanded.

It depends much on the situation. new construction areas are on the ground at the outskirts of town, which is not exactly most close to downtown. do you want to be centrally located, you'll find the vast majority no suitable new building area. an old building apartment in downtown can be as expensive as a row cottage in new construction area on the outskirts.


Why, there live but people in the development area. On average can I be certain that 2 people in each apartment and in the homes of 3.5. Just like in the apartments / houses in somewhat older areas.

The houses / apartments in new residential areas are still inhabited all, right? Since there are no vacancies.

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