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Hello first'll This year I (w16) two long trips (even bus, even car) to get it over with. One will be 22 and the other 9h long, both in the summer. Now I have a few problems: What should I wear? A pair of pants I've already (pictured below), but it is getting colder evenings. What should I take with me? Reading makes me sick during driving, thus falls away. And then other than what comes into Tips for long trips. Thanks in advance:)

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The most important: Make sure that often enough short breaks are made, in which you should walk around, not just sit somewhere. Then take a little fruit that you can eat without ceremony, such as apples, which help a little against thirst. Water you take certainly with sufficient dear little too much than too little.

Against boredom helps an MP3 player with great audio books. Take with even a spare headset.

And if you take a slightly larger scarf, you can use the blankets for when it gets cold at night.

Listen to music You can browse and download audio books and listen if you can not read

se should have learned 16 from his parents, what one takes as or they can ask.

the trousers may well look nice, but will be ruckzuck druchgeschwitzt and since it is so short, you can write to the stick seated.

secondly, it is still nciht so hard that you sweat a sweater or pants and a long to take. whether jeans, sweatpants eien or whatever, you have to selsbt decide what is a dear.

if you read the will bad, read, play and so bad.

I recommend often a break, where you sometimes runs a little and nice out peep. clearly can music and audio books and radio listening, but eventually the ears also need recreation

MP3 player with audio books or music, long pants to change into. During the breaks much time going around to get the circulation going again. Comfortable shoes, a change of socks. If you have any problems with the veins, compression stockings. Otherwise, enough to eat and drink, a blanket and a travel pillow.

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