Long Iceland or madrid longboard?

Which is better, the madrid trance www.blue-tomato.com/de-DE/product/Madrid-Miami+Trance+39+Complete-301865209-miam ... or the long Iceland pointer

The best answer

trance and pointers are in the setup already relatively similar ...

what is quality, I am in principle of long Iceland more convinced than madrid, but that's just my personal opinion, acceptable manufacturers are definitely both.

in this individual case, the long Iceland is probably a little high-quality, which is opaque quality as very good, and there are built really reliable brand trucks.

the madrid board but in any case in order, none of the boards would be a really bad choice, even if I now say that I would prefer the long Iceland.

the pointer does not softer roll than the trance, so it goes to a little more comfortable, but can be very bad Sliden.

otherwise are both quite allrounder who were interested in just about anything can be used, the only drawback is there boards Sliden that the Sliden I would roll me get in 85A or harder, because I would be rolling on the two boards something soft ... but that makes for a beginner anyway hardly a role.

otherwise have the boards both a low viewpoint, by its drop through mounting, making them easily pushable, relatively soft roll (which the long Iceland are as I said a little softer) which provide a pleasant driving feel, characterized both boards definitely beginner-friendly.

The board is of the optic and the mobility better than Madrid Board

I've even one for 250 €. Runs great!

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