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Hi, My parents and I want us define a second dog. What race Währe suited to a White Shepherd Maenchen (3 years). It does not matter what race you only have to meet these certain characteristics. Good Watchdog Not Aggressive relative sweet must to stay alone (because I'm getting up at 17:00 in the school and my parents come home very late)

We have a very large base and our white shepherd is always outdoors. We want however another breed of dog because Shepherds (at least ours) is relatively anxious / are. LG Nadine

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So I do not think that these properties can be accurately be found at a dog breed. Also hang the characteristics that the dog is not to be aggressive and alone at home not on the breed but of education from.

why on heaven's sake you want a second dog, whom you have no time to only have a species-appropriate utilization? makes her dog sports, you go to the dog school or work her with the dog (not only 5min a day sitting and space), you do agility or trace-dog ...? only barren in Crouching garden is cruel for any dog ​​... you go to make the morning before school with the dog for a walk, 1 / 2-1std? evenings after school time to hundesport (brainwork)? fear means only that he has not experienced much life in his only gardening rumtrollen helps him not fear to overcome his and fear mean to a dog (or even for yourself, for example, test anxiety) stress and does no animal or human soul good and the other a puppy everything looks the big off, imitating the older animal and that means with you that the second dog exactly the same behavior is applied to the tag as the elderly, especially who they are together all day ... please does your shepherd the favor and help him to overcome his ängst what you work through and get used to unfamiliar with expert guidance can achieve ... a second dog in no case, because you then have suddenly two anxious-aggressive dogs

Vl. Dogo argentino?

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