Looking for a film about a homeless veteran and his dog, he must give

I have some time ago seen a movie on pay-TV, which was about a middle-aged man, who lives in a trailer with his dog. He earned it with minor repairs some extra money and do not want any contact with his family while he is wanted by his daughter. The dog is sick, but the man can not pay ide treatment, which is why he lets the dog lying just in front of a veterinary practice. The animal doctor tries the man then to make to retrieve the owner and together with the daughter of the man they find him.

Can anyone ssagen the name of the film to me? :) Have due to missing name or stupidity nothing is found on Google Thanks :)

The best answer

White Dog probably. Have not seen much, but is the only way I know dogs film might currently running on pay TV. From Trailer forth it can fit.

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