Looking for a place to stay in 36110 Schlitz

for professional reasons I'm looking for a possibility to overnight in Fulda, slot or Bad Hersfeld. Slot is located right in the center and the road to Fulda or Bad Hersfeld is equidistant. The Most data accommodations which can be found on the Internet such as Altdeutsche Stuben, Hotel Vorderburg or Burgschänke not reply to an e-mail and phone. Also unreachable. Also of http://www.fremdenzimmer-pension.de/index.php I have received no reply.

The best answer

Googel times Monteurzimmer. Since there are several good platforms.

Try it sometimes here:
My best friend is also very often in transit and finds always good offers and above all the latest offers!

Date: 2017-07-15 Views: 0

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