Looking for a specific Dubstep!?!

Hello, please do not report this question! Looking for the best Dubstep Sample, that I will keep in music a presentation about it should best have these characteristics: 1.wenig singing herrausstechen 2.The differences between high and low and loud and quiet should be audible and well 3. It go should 2-3min long Thanks !;) (4.Es should (if possible) to be by a famous artist)

The best answer

Dodge & Fuski - Killer Bees; which are relatively well known, I'd even say, and there are many ups and downs ... but the song is very special ... for one of the most boring Average notoriety incorporate by seeehr famous artists, I'd recommend you Virtual Riot (Artist). Just by listening to a few songs.

Can you recommend a lot, seeking you mind:

Klassikdubstep: Masazonda Hardrockdubstep: Apex - Stream Normaldubstep: Bullseye Heavy Dubstep: Alien with Scissors Popdubstep: Levitate

Commenting if you want the Youtube links

LG Yannick

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