Looks the goofy to unpack his things before itself? doctor on time and so


Mir gehts currently not good, will prefer to return to the closed psychiatric.

Crack me much in recent times, what doctors know and I simply have no more pleasure in my life (I'm suicidal), so it can not go any further.

have time to pack before tomorrow just my stuff and my doctor to say that I feel schlcht and I do not want to live anymore.

Then they have to instruct me or?

Voluntary would entail too long a wait, so it only works with forced briefing.

Would that simply goofy ausschauen my stuff that I want to pack if I am admitted? would then in zimemr rumstehen so, because if not instruct me, I know exactly that I Abhau because it is enough for me to live with my.

Would that goofy ausschauen for my parents?

PS. so it is the best for everyone, friends only make yourself care and what do I do? exactly I ignore since I currently want to no contact.

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Hi, I like the fact that you want you can help and want to go into psychiatry. I also find it not stupid, you you already are preparing your pocket. There might then go quickly. With the parents I'd been talking and take off, that's a good alternative? The reason I can understand, just gone ........ but it would be a jump in the wrong direction. Do that please in any case. You can do it now you probably can not imagine, but who knows what Nice is waiting for you. I wish you all the best, you can do that, LG Korinna

First, yes, it looks stupid.

Secondly, for someone who does not want to live anymore (suicidal is) you will meet quite a lot of precautions.

Thirdly, you are highly manipulative. Do you think your doctor does not see through that?

Why do not you tell her simply that you can't get outside and want in the hospital.

And then you give yourself satisfied with the advice of the doctor. And if the thinks that you have to live out there, then you do it.

You have successfully left the womb also.

Hey, I have often been briefed on "crisis" that is possible, which pyschatrie you were now to always ?? Is there a LwL clinic with you in near ??

Go to your doctor tell exactly what you've written, it does not you are well, you'd like nothing around, suicidal thoughts ... etc ... If someone in my family that went just ...

Mir gehts also currently scheise..ich never carve me auch..selbstmordgedanken..bin but in psychiatry gewesen..kann also imagine it garnicht as there ..

How old are you may I ask?

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