Lose braces false impression has been made?

So my braces was agreed before believable 1-2 months and I got my retainer and my rails (loose braces similar things). The rails were replaced days ago about 4 by a loose braces. The orthodontist put me purely the bottom piece. It fit, but above, it gave me very at my right canine and he tried to loosen my clasp something. It gelingte him partially but nevertheless expressed it still not as extreme as before. When I got lots braces but right reingedrüvkr did my left canine like hell but the pain was partly to but still noticeable. Now I notice that on the left side only 2 instead of 3 such "wires" are present and I wonder if the jz is intentional that only 2 are on the left side or not

I apologize for this runtergeratterte and unstructured reporting and spelling mistakes :)

The best answer

If you have difficulties, please go quickly again to KFO, he reports from the pain. A loose braces may well be matched. The different number of wires you let him explain.

It reveals itself to me not how to align the Community from here without impression, image of the brace, x-ray, medical costs projection and a detailed look at your mouth AND orthodontic knowledge ewas!

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