Lose weight without diet and exercise?

Hi, I have now come to the decision to decrease. I am 14 years, 1.70 meters tall and weigh 93 kilos now. I can, however, change my diet not because my mother also overweight cook otherwise möchte.Bei us there is only hearty (delicious) food with, well I would not say much, but normally many calories. In the morning I eat really always two Nutella toasts and at school a cheese sandwich and usually a muffin. Lunch then a half to two plate of food (for example, two cutlets with french etc.) often afternoon cakes, ice cream or muffins and evening then toasts. Ca four to five slices of cheese or sausage. At night I eat mostly a little chocolate etc. So diet change does not go.

And sport is not well. My parents actually do not allow to make Sport me, I could be too thin, so sports in a club does not go. Swimming but I have read many times I do not, because there then everyone looks at my stomach. Jogging is also not due to knee pain and because I have to be reasonably fit. Then I recently tried to do sit ups because upset by my paunch quite disturbed.

So how can I lose weight without diet and exercise? Is there tricks? Thank you in advance:)

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Sarina, I have also read your other questions and was really pleased that you have decided to lose weight. But when I read that you have an excuse for everything that allows the removal, it makes me sad.

Losing weight is not difficult, even if your parents do not go with you on one line, you can do it. It must do "click" in your head.

Just a piece of advice from me, because I know how difficult it can be to decrease when it is placed here on their own: You're doing this for you and entgehst with the decrease health problems, which you need to be aware.

I was with 12 even overweight, have a rehab done and then taken home on their own. I initially rarely played sports and always "eat well", but I have realized that it has to be different if I did not at some point want to get high blood pressure, diabetes or other diseases.

I initially often found excuses why I can not exercise, I am asthmatic and had no condition, similar to you now. I thought that exercise does not help, because I endurance running breathlessness wars after 10 minutes. Nevertheless, I have to drive at some point started sports, but I had to be always staring at the feeling of all the other comic, saw when driving or jogging me the bike ... I guess with you is just, it is not only the " laziness "to do sports, but also the shame of others with his weaknesses to show up (in the case of visible your belly and the low condition). But precisely at this point you have to start.

In the diet, it is similar: It forces you to eat no Nutella toast, instead, you could also be a wholemeal roll with cheese eat what is far healthier. Nobody is asking you to eat from one day to the next no more sweets or count calories! It is enough if you change your eating habits gradually replaced the toast up wholemeal bread and maybe lunch less than two dish eating empty.

Do something, even a little test: Take something to eat, a piece for my sake chocolate and eat it quickly. Then you take a second and eat it slowly. Here you will notice a difference that you can use, because who eats slowly, feel faster satiety and eating less :)

From experience I know that you're going to displace the here after reading first, because you actually have no desire to change anything. I speak from experience, but I'm sure you will not regret it to start slowly with the sport. In the beginning it is enough if you turn a small round to your house, the main thing you are moving.

One more thing about this: If I suggest a Turnübung feared in physical education or overestimated myself leistungstechnisch have (my head was usually able to afford more than my lungs -> asthma) has, my teacher always said: "Fears are there to overcome them. " This has become my motivation motto. You can change your habits change when you want it, whether you get support from your parents or not. It's your life, your health when you get sequelae (and which are already in sight when you have while running knee pain), you can give anyone the blame, but yourself and believe me, Sarina, I do not feel good.

LG Larix

PS: Cap the eyes to truths! Good luck in losing weight :)

That is not in my eyes. How do you want the ingested calories burned if you can not do anything. Why not canst thou in the club?

That does not work. Schlage you that. From the head Healthy diet, exercise and movement. That's the secret, if you lose weight permanently and then want to stay slim. To temporarily not only lose weight but durable to stay slim and fit, remains a no other choice than to change his ways. Losing weight with a healthy diet, exercise and movement is successful in the long term. It leads to an optimal supply with all the nutrients, so food cravings and cravings are avoided on junk foods. Sport and exercise support weight loss through increased energy consumption and increased muscle mass. This makes it easier to maintain their weight and it looks better aus.Wer be sufficiently agitated and doing sports, the fitter and therefore healthier. The improved well-being generated thereby reducing the likelihood of eating out of frustration or boredom, thus facilitating the healthy, balanced diet. This also facilitates the Abnehmen.Die new habits come but not of itself that we can and must learn if you want to have lasting success. Http://www.die-abnehmschule.de/

It does not work. Sport and other, healthier diet are needed. If your parents say that you are "too thin" could tell them that you could be too thick of their food. MOMENT! Is not that already happened? Exhibit A.

Eat of everything only half. You'll see if it brings something, but an attempt is worth it. The night-eating you should be away.

Your parents forbid you sport because you could be too thin ?? So you're clearly overweight, and feed yourself also unhealthy. If you even think you could not change your diet, even though you reinstoppst just s *** e in you, you can not help you also.

if you do you think can your diet do not change you're either stupid or you do not want to lose weight.

So, as you describe us the daily routine in your diet, which probably should not be with the weight loss. Rather the contrary. In particular, even if you want to do any sports.

I can, however, change my diet not because my mother also obese want to cook anything else ... And sports either.

without a diet low in calories to really is not about

Vorallen iss morning something different than Nutella, take no more with, and especially Mufiin: let the afternoon time off ice cake etc, if your mother ever wants to cook otherwise

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(My brother is a personal trainer)

Hey first

Losing weight can not you nix So tuhn only times you should slowly begin to leave the nutella away (slowly) and easy to do without carbohydrates .. Talk to your mother so that you no longer want to live and your mother is probably even not satisfied and vllt you manage to go together jogging time or a few workouts through to führen..mehr salad to eat instead of fries, drink a lot and then it works already sometime

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