Losing weight through workouts - I take ever from characterized?

Hello, I'm 14, weigh 60 kg and am: 1.55 cm tall. I would soon start daily 30 minute workouts to make. Can I lose weight at all as a result? Thank you.

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Yes, through 30 minute workouts you can lose weight, but something like this is always playing in the diet a major role. You can not lose weight by training hard, but in the evening stuffing himself with chips. Just as little can you build muscle if one devours proteins like a lion, but then leave out the training.

You should your training to burn fat mainly on cardio (running, sprinting, cycling etc) interpret and full body training to revive the entire cycle.

You should also, if you wish to lose weight pay attention to your diet (at night heavy meals more, much fruit and water etc)

with further questions do not hesitate to side :)

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