Love drama movies wanted. With young actors

Hello, I'm looking for a pair of ideas for love stories. This should also include a bit of drama with a happy ending, please. In addition, the actor should be young and fairly pretty. I have searched the entire Internet, but found nothing in the Combined :(

I am looking forward to your suggestions :) Thanks

The best answer

* The lucky one

* Turkish for Beginners

* Amélie

* With you by my side

* Safe haven

* (The light of the silent)

* Remeber me

* Like a miracle

With happy ending I notice degree not soo good one because the greatest love stories (eg Nicholas Sparks) always end up sad.

Here the happy endings:

Love, Rosie (Where Rainbows), LOL (both versions very good, but I like the French prefer), Angus, Thongs, Shopaholic, ... more I can not remember a degree also, otherwise always die: D

Hopefully these films that you are looking for: Love Rosie, perhaps for ever. If I stay. LOL.

How old should the performer be? Based on your description, it is difficult to find the right film.

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