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So in my Ag (school) there is a girl who always looks at me and the rest always spends with me and she laughs at me in and makes me compliments and gestures I saw her in front of her friend asked you love me because she has looked at her friend and has tears get said no and gone running so my questions are 1 she loves me what you think? 2 What should I do

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the signs are for me to crush, vlt it was her simply embarrassed before her friend and was overwhelmed (i may even n girls, but sometimes you can behave female by yourself not really understand: D) in any case, it looks to me as not like you're in love, in this case you should ask her if she really meant it, and how you feel for them vlt under 4 eyes (please be careful and sensitive!)) and any way you like it continues. wish you much success lg VS :)

The first thing you could do would be to write about so that they can be read reasonably liquid.

If the girl has actually reacted so, it may well be that she likes you. Cuddles, or it touches you sometimes inconspicuously? This is also a sign.

It is difficult to answer what you could carry on, as it does not open up to me whether you also feelings for you feel about.

If so, talk to it. (If you are alone)

If not, from waiting.


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But that's been very charmless and you can a girl but not easily done by her friend ask if she loves you! Poor! And I really think she loves you or she would not so emotional I reagiert.und would now first go to her and apologize and talk to her about the situation .I have only ne question how are your feelings exactly to her? More so friendly or vllt you can imagine more?

In my opinion, it is fired in yourself until the tiptoes but they seem to be very shy. If you love her (ok I believe nich but whatever ^^) you should spend some time with her and take the first step if you should not be the case (which I rather go out) show that you watch it is like in spite of everything she was there and honest with her. So you make it easy for her, and not as painful but nevertheless you should you clearly show that you do not love (nich too hard and too sensitive) =) Hope I was you help your Vivi2909

Difficult to assess. There are 2 options: 1. Yes she loves you 2.Exit, but it is sad that's the good relationship between you now "broken" and you do just because it is nice accuse of something.

I would ask them again when you're alone with her. It could be that you have them by surprise a little. I can not tell if she's in love with you, but looks like ... How does it look with your feelings?

Why do you ask it before her friend if she loves you ????? This is done face to face ... And ... KA tuh as if nothing had happened ... Look what happens ...

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