Low Carb Diet. Tips?

Hello, today my first day Low Carb behind me. For me, 17 years of age currently 72kg 1.70 m tall

Today I 2600 calories taken to me, so I drove a deficit of 400th Macro distribution: 15% KHL; 60% fats; 25% protein What I ate today:

Breakfast: An omelet with tomato, cucumber, leek, 3 eggs, 100ml soy milk and 125g mozzarella light. Snacks: 75g Paranusskerne 250g Magerquark 62g raspberries 100g strawberries 100g apple 47g white cheese 150g yellow pepper 75g ground beef (meatballs) 1 protein shake Lunch: 45g wholemeal Farfalle 255g Kidney Beans Dinner: 54g Mozzarella Tomato 15ml olive oil

Isg .: 148g fat; 118g KHL; 189g egg whites

What do you think? Any tips, etc.?


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Hello! What to do? You name does not even have a goal! Dieting, muscles, stamina - you should already write what you want. And this stress with food is incredible. Did you actually ever tried how the body works on a normal diet? Power often sense - experience.

I wish you good luck and success.

Sounds schonmal very good :) with shakes I know me honestly not so good .. I can only say you have to stop eating varied .. So not every day the same. And no light products! Get the Full fat morzarella :) What you drink like that? And you have fixed essenszeiteb?

The fat should be no more than 80 grams and it should ca 80-90% unsaturated fatty acids be (important Omega 3) ... the egg you should increase and the KHL if possible something down ...

BizepsMassaka - Professional Natural BodyBuilding

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