Lusttropfen much normal?

Hi Guys,

Whenever I rummache with my girlfriend and it slowly gets down to business, I have a real puddle with drip loss in the pants .... I have with my girlfriend just not even she is sex Virgin and needs as just still their time. Simple rumgemacht with touching the reproductive's enough to inundate everything ... Can I train iwie so that is less or is no longer at? Details'm just pruned but do not know now whether the iwas has to do with it.

Thank you for the answers

The best answer

Why does it bother you, then? Every body is different and especially in terms of sexuality, there are really things that might you more problems ...

Simply Fits that your Lusttropfen not come into their sexual area, as they also contain sperm. For everything else, there are washing machines and towels)

Since solltes you "assisted" afford. This takes away the pressure of the boiler.

The Lusttropfen come wg.der strong Erregung.Das fully normal.Jediglich the amount varieiert man to Mann.Eventuell it is with you even a ejaculation ;-) How are you going wegtrainieren that? No your circumcision has thus certainly nothing to do.

Average one can start from about 10-12 droplets !!

A proper puddle that flooded everything? From how many liters on average are we talking about?

Have just a hot girlfriend. That is normal.

Edit yourself earlier times properly, then the puddle is also less :-)

Open but a working suit for your gentleman, and Stülpe him before about it, and the "puddle" is gone.

Poor you. Maybe you'll regrets here.

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